Reflected and submerged layers, Wilson Creek, Douthat State Park, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia.

Wilson Creek. Overhanging branches, reflected sky, water surface, and submerged rocks make four layers of view. Douthat State Park, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, 2010.


Reflecting Waters: Multi-Layered Views


Quiet contemplation allows my awareness to sink into the being of a place, to attend to the light, the form and the detail. Light carries the energy, the liveliness. Form organizes our attention. Detail offers us ways to engage. We can soften our perception, for the emergence of connections to our internal being and to the vast web of existence. If there’s a secret here, it’s in slow seeing. In slow seeing with quick eyes.


Water is the foundation for our biological life, and for our spirit it provides metaphors for teachings of wisdom and treats our eyes to colorful scenes reflected and refracted, modulated by ever restless surfaces. Images involving water are naturally layered, confounding two, three, or even four subject aspects, delighting the eye and challenging the mind.


Mendenhall Lake, Alaska. Water ripples and reflected rushes.

Mendenhall Lake Rushes, Tongass National Forest, near Juneau, Alaska, 2010.

Lazy ripples in a glassy surface reflect rushes in this campground pond at the edge of Mendenhall Lake.

Rock and reflected sky clouds in Nancy Lake, Alaska.

Suspended in Reflection, Nancy Lake State Park, Alaska, 2010.

Rock and sun reflections, Mid-Columbia River, Washington.

Wanapum Lake, Mid-Columbia River, Washington, 2013.

Wave at Fort Myers, Florida

Caloosahatchee River. This wave was tiny with a menacing mien. Fort Myers, Florida, 2014.

Little Creek Cove, Oregon coast.

Floating Feather. Little Creek weaves through golden dunes and across the beach.  Wind ripples pushed this feather along.  Little Creek Cove, Agate Beach, Oregon. 2007.

Short Sands beach, Oswald West State park, Oregon coast.

Short Sands Creek. Oswald West State Park, Oregon. 2013.

Submerged boulder and reflected trees, Meyer Reflecting Pond, Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

Moon Boulder. Meyer Reflecting Pond, Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon. 2012.

Branch and reflection, along the Astoria River Walk, Oregon.

Columbia River Water No.3. Quiet reflection, along the River Walk east of the East Mooring Basin.  I love exploring the informal paths around the river ponds. Astoria, Oregon, 2011.