Views of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline on the north slope of the Brooks Range from Atigun Pass to Galbraith Lake.

Pipeline in the Brooks Range. The Alaska pipeline, southbound from Prudhoe Bay, crosses the east-west running Brooks Range. These photos were made on the north slope of the Brooks Range, including Galbraith Lake and Atigun Pass—where the pipeline is buried. 2010.




One problem I've enjoyed wrestling with is presenting several aspects of my experience of a place or phenomenon in a single image. In these digital composites, you will always see obvious panels or insertions—reality is seen straight, in a multiplicity of views. My work is about encountering and perceiving the world, and understanding and thinking about what we see. Great effort is taken to assure that the combined aspects belong together in meaning as well as design. When multiple camera views are combined, they are unified by a combination of subject, geography, and time.

You’ll know when flights of fancy replace reportage. In an image mirrored and spliced to itself a spirit emerges—a face or a totem. Or imagination has inserted musical notes or fantasy colors—in an obvious way.


Additional composites will be found

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Gillnetting in Alaska, Chilkat Range.

Fishing Lynn Canal. Fishing, with the Chilkat Range to the west, across the Lynn Canal, seen from north of Juneau, Alaska. 2010.

Wildlife seen from the Denali National Park bus.

Viewing Denali Wildlife. Most people are allowed to go deep into the park only contained in rattle-trap tour buses. This system protects the wildlife, and shapes the visitors’ experiences as you can see from my photo journal of one day’s ride. Denali National Park, Alaska. 2010

Salt flats in the far northwest portion of the Great Basin, Oregon.

Alvord Desert. These salt flats are in the far northwest portion of the Great Basin. Oregon. 2013

Mariposa lily blooms in the southeastern Oregon Great Basin.

Mariposa Lily for Norma. Norma was an auxiliary mother to my childhood. She taught me enthusiasm for "belly plants" in the desert. This is southeastern Oregon, in the Great Basin. 2013.