Squiggly reflections of rushes in Deep Lake at Sun Lakes State Park, Washington.

Deep Lake Thoughts, Sun Lakes Dry Falls State Park, Washington, 2013.

Deep Lake is in the Lower Grand Coulee, carved by the Bretz floods of the Columbia Plateau. A hike explores its shores and basalt cliffs and shelves. The ripple-squiggled lines are reflections of rushes growing out of the water just above the image.


Abstract Waters: Slow Seeing with Quick Eyes

My eyes see the overall nature of the dancing designs, while being too slow to catch the details which the camera records.



Color is Experiential

Our impression of color in a scene depends on the mix of colors present, on the brilliance or dynamic range, and on any motion, such as of flowing or wind-blown water.  A fine print can express much of our perception of the million to one brightness range of a sunlit scene, through adept translations of brightnesses and contrasts to the fifty to one range of a print.

I print my Abstract Waters images for colors to express my experience, which you could have shared standing with me at the scene.  Colors are lightened or darkened, contrasts increased or decreased, to convey my experienced impression.  It’s the same approach as used in traditional darkroom printing, which I did for twenty-five years, but now done on a computer — my own custom color lab.  The colors in my prints were present in the scenes, and I have used printing craft to express them effectively, often with emphasis to convey the excitement we experience viewing a scene.

Can printed color be factually objective?  Rarely so.  Especially not when a scene is bathed in a variety of lights and shadows.  An informative test is to select a fully satisfying print, and set it next to its actual subject, in good light.


Sunsete reflected in the Nehalem River, Wheeler and Nehalem, Oregon.

Quiet Sunset on the Nehalem. Smoky sunset seen in still waters of the Nehalem River, between Wheeler and Nehalem, Oregon. 2009.

Buildings reflected in the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria Wharf. Buildings reflected in the Columbia River. Astoria, Oregon. 2009.

Sailboat masts reflected, Poulsbo Harbor, Washington.

Sail Masts in Poulsbo Harbor. Washington, 2014.

Okefenokee Swamp, reflections, Suwanee Canal, Georgia.

Okefenokee Swamp Water. The ripples are caused by the bow wake of our little tour boat in the Suwanee Canal. Georgia, 2014.

Reflections in the West Mooring Basin, Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria Harbor Water, No.1. Astoria’s West Mooring Basin, Oregon. 2009.

Reflected piling at the Port of Ilwaco, Washington.

Ilwaco Harbor Piling. Ilwaco, Washington, 2014.

Reflections at the Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria, Oregon.

Lightship Columbia. Its red, white, and gold colors are reflected at the Columbia River Maritime Museum where it is an exhibit. Astoria, Oregon, 2013.

Reflections in the Metolius River, Camp Sherman, Oregon.

Metolius River No.1. With undulations too fast for the eye, the camera shutter captures reflections of trees and shrubs above and refractions of colorful pebbles on the stream bottom. Camp Sherman, Oregon, 2013.

Reflections in the Metolius River, Camp Sherman, Oregon.

Metolius River No.3. Sky and shadow brighten this gentle riffle, with colorful pebbles showing through. Camp Sherman, Oregon, 2013.

Rain Rings, Poulsbo. Large drops on still waters of Poulsbo Harbor, Washington, 2016.