Bodies of Work:


About the Semi-Wild

Our lives intersect with those of other creatures and their habitats, in so many ways: coexistence, caring, fascination, destruction, and even humor. Habitat becomes semi-wild, neither ours alone, nor purely wild for other creatures. I explore that intersection, sampling this immense topic is sampled by scenes from both public lands and private places.

Recognition and preservation of habitat is a marvelous intertwining of short term self-interest and and long term self-preservation by government agencies, non-profit organizations, private landholders, activist groups and individuals.

Have we finished with Nature? Are we through being fascinated, being challenged, and discovering? Are we through being swept away in awe, being comforted, and responding with art? I hope not. What’s special about engaging wildness? It’s greater than our knowledge. Wildness is grander and stranger than even our imaginations. Equally rewarding to our attentions are the complexities of often nature-damaging unintended consequences as we go about our human-oriented lives, and the coalitions of people acting to lessen such troubles.

My works exploring these issues are prepared digitally as narrative composites, by which several aspects of a situation are combined into a single, unified image. Details and context can be presented together, or alternative perspectives, or a time sequence are shown.