Bodies of Work:


  • Great Egret
    Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Oregon, 2009.
  • Great Blue Heron
    Flying over ocean surf. The city of Yachats has made a wonderful path along the low bluffs overlooking surf, rock, and tidepools. Oregon coast. 2010.
  • Bufflehead Takeoff
    Male Bufflehead duck. The City of Astoria built a River Walk along its waterfront. Informal trails loop around some inlets from the river. Oregon, 2011.
  • Rose Frog
    My former home in Eden Valley, out of Rosburg, Washington, lay at the edge of a small clearing in the rainforest. Wildlife treated the old wooden farmhouse as a large, rotting stump to be lived near, on and in. While washing dishes I saw this frog and fetched my tripod and camera. The frog watched as I gently swung the hinged window out, set a tripod leg in the sink, and made this photo. Known at the time as the Pacific Tree Frog, Hyla regilla, this cheerful peeper is now considered to be the Western Chorus Frog, Pseudacris regilla. 1979.
  • Bodyscape No.1
    Elaine Serrell Myers. Camerawork 1976, digital edition from the original negative, 2011.
  • Apple Blossom Violin
    I hung my violin in the tree. The hand-drawn musical notes were placed digitally, and colored with samples from the violin. Camerawork & first digital composite, 1998. New version 2005.
  • Fiddleheads
    This assemblage of sword ferns, bracken ferns, dewberries, and violin, made at my former studio, an old farmhouse in a clearing in the woods of Eden Valley, near Rosburg, Washington. 1999.
  • D Minor Chaconne

    The theme of Bach’s great melancholic soliloquy for violin starts with blocks of chords which remind me of this fractured basalt. I wanted the notes to blend into the crumbling rock face like aging petroglyphs.

    This basalt wall is in the Oak Creek Wildlife Area, in the foothills of the Washington Cascades near Yakima. The violin was carried to the rocks, later the musical notes were placed digitally. Camerawork 1999, digital composite 2004.

  • Papillon of Edvard Grieg
    The music is Edvard Grieg’s Papillon (Butterfly), Opus 43, #1. The visual appearance of the piano music expresses the rapid intermittent fluttering of a butterfly as well as does the sound, giving me a way of adding the feeling of flight. This Western Tiger Swallowtail, Papilio rutulus, was photographed on a rhododendron at Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington—only the musical notes were digitally inserted. Camerawork 2000, composite 2003.
  • Snow Neighbors
    Looking through an intense, bright snow flurry, from a friend's home in farm country near Hood River, Oregon. 2010.
  • Snow Oak No.3
    In the farm country near Hood River, Oregon. 2010.
  • Dove's Doom
    This accipiter hawk, probably a Cooper's, eats doves, other small birds, small mammals, and more. In a field near Battleground, Southwest Washington. 2011.
  • Kalmiopsis Moon
    Photographed at Chetco Lake, in Kalmiopsis Wilderness, in the southern Oregon Coast Range. These gentle afternoon clouds were the first sign of the next day’s summer rain gale which took me into early stages of hypothermia. 2005.
  • Journey Tree
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 1995.
  • Tennessee Woods
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1995.
  • Autumn over Paul and Molly's
    Photographed from our house in the Maplewood neighborhood, Portland, Oregon. 2008.
  • Cherry Blossoms, Manzanita Public Library.
    Manzanita Public Library. Oregon, 1998.
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