Bodies of Work:

Pacific Northwest Coast         more Pacific Northwest Coast

  • Quiet Sunset on the Nehalem
    From Highway 101 near the bridge between Nehalem and Wheeler. Oregon coast. 2008.
  • Approaching Squall
    Oceanside, Oregon, 2009.
  • Storm Window
    I photographed several wonderful ocean scenes from our room’s balcony, and then photographed an approaching squall. As it approached, the direct sunlight through the raindrops became more and more exciting, but the windblown raindrops hit my lens faster than I point the camera and release the shutter. I retreated inside, set down the camera in defeat, and collapsed. Then I opened my eyes and looked at the window! Cliff Top Motel, Oceanside, Oregon. 2009.
  • Silvery Breaker
    Fogarty Creek Cove, Oregon. 2008.
  • Tracks of Life
    Little Creek Cove, near Newport, Oregon. 2007.
  • Floating Feather
    Little Creek Cove, near Newport, Oregon. 2007.
  • Beach Cliff
    Just north of Fogarty Creek Cove, Oregon, 2008.
  • Oyster Beds Sunset
    Willapa Bay, Washington. Low tide almost completely drains this bay which at high tide is second only to San Francisco Bay on the west coast. It’s a great oyster grower and an important food source for migrating shore birds. The barely visible sapling trunks mark ownership and management tract boundaries. Though Willapa Bay is entirely separated from the Columbia by land, the Columbia’s plume in the ocean, spreads north and is swept by the tide into Willapa Bay—as the largest freshwater source for that low-salinity bay! Photographed from the U.S. 101 historical marker for Bruceport, in Washington. 2001.
  • Peaceful Evening in Wheeler
    Looking down the Nehalem River from the waterfront of Wheeler, Oregon. 2008.
  • Oceanside Wave No.1
    Oceanside, Oregon, 2009.
  • West from Neahkahnie Head, No.2
    Oswald West State Park, Oregon. 2009.
  • White Summer Seacoast
    South from Yaquina Head, central Oregon coast. 2007.
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