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  • Looking up to Maples
    Queets River Valley, Olympic National Park, Washington. I saw these two views while lying on the ground and looking up through swordferns and salmonberries growing at the trees’ bases. 2003.
  • Shively Park Rain
    In Astoria we may go for a rainy walk in the woods, such as this one in Shively Park. As a photographer I was drawn into the northwest woods by my love of light as it illumined the life of forests. Years later the realization that our Northwest coastal forests are made as much by rain as by light gave me new kinds of pictures to make. Oregon, 2003.
  • Stained Glass Elders
    Sun rays reveal overhead leaves as stained glass windows in a forest cathedral. I was very satisfied that the mirrored panels suggest totem poles showing hints of animal and human characteristics—spirits in the woods. Shively Park, Astoria, Oregon. 2002.
  • Sky Trunk
    The Teal Slough Grove of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge holds the most accessible old-growth Western Redcedars in the Columbia Pacific area, just a short hike up a logging road from US-101. The bark, spliced from two views, shows the same tree as the central panel. Between Seaview and Naselle, Washington. 2002.
  • Klootchy Creek Giant, No.1
    The Klootchy Creek Giant stood 216 feet tall, with a 56 foot circumference and a 93 foot crown spread. It tied with a Quinault tree as the country’s largest. In a December 2006 windstorm, a rotted upper portion fell, and in the Great Coastal Gale of December 2007, the whole top fell. Klootchy Creek County Park, Clatsop County, Oregon. Camerawork 2001, composite 2007
  • Marbled Murrelet Eggshell
    Fox Creek, Saddle Mountain State Park, Oregon. The shell likely came from a nest in the large Douglas-fir towering overhead—it’s just the right place for the rare and protected Marbled Murrelet to nest. Camerawork 2002, composite 2006.
  • Ancient Spruce
    Coastal Forest Trail, Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco, Washington. 2006.
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