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  • Quiet Sunset on the Nehalem
    From Highway 101 near the bridge between Nehalem and Wheeler. Oregon coast. 2008.
  • Astoria Harbor Water No.1
    West Mooring Basin, Astoria, Oregon, 2009.
  • Astoria Harbor Water No.2
    West Mooring Basin, Astoria, Oregon, 2009.
  • Silvery Breaker
    Fogarty Creek Cove, Oregon Coast. 2008.
  • Suspended in Reflection
    Nancy Lake. Nancy Lake State Recreation Area, near Willow, Alaska. 2010.
  • Bull Creek
    Humboldt State Park, California. 2007.
  • Mendenhall Lake Rushes
    Leisurely ripples in a glassy surface reflect rushes in this campground pond at the edge of Mendenhall Lake. Tongass National Forest, near Juneau, Alaska. 2010.
  • Dancing Trees in Ollalie Lake
    Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon Cascades. 2008.
  • Snake River Heavens No.4
    Fall Creek Camp, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, southeastern Idaho. 2008.
  • Golden Grass in Snow
    Astoria, Oregon. 2008.
  • Columbia River Water No.3
    Quiet reflection, along the River Walk east from the East Mooring Basin. I love exploring the informal paths around the river ponds. Astoria, Oregon. 2011.
  • Astoria Heavens No.3
    View from Home, Astoria, Oregon. 2009.
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These pictures are abstract in the classic sense of being designs pulled from reality. They remain representational, while emphasizing delights of shape, line, and color. Such photos are usually the fruit of sustained quiet time with my subject. At times I tip my hat to abstract-representational painters, including my mother Janet Vanderwalker Myers. Growing up with her fresh and evolving work, and with the exhibits she took me to, was inspiring.