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I share this story in case it can help us make a more humane civilization.  My long ago loss does not need any more attention.  My life is excellent now, with a good marriage and home with Alexandra Myers.  I have come to accept what happened to me, though I will only acknowledge and never accept what was done to my first wife.

In 1993 my first wife, Elaine Serrell Myers, was killed by a drunken driver.  My journey of healing was an aspect of a strong family response to this catastrophe.   Our activities included mediation with the drunken driver, exhibit of art works about the Elaine's death, as well as interior, personal work.

Journey of Healing (web page)

Victim Impact Statement (web page)

Art Works

Viewers Responses to Art Works

Mediation with the drunken driver, facilitated by Marty Price, made the largest single difference to me and my extended family.  I hope you will be further interested in his work. I recommend him unreservedly:

Marty Price and the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program Information and Resource Center

Since handling our case, Price has had a F