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Photographs and text

© David Lee Myers

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Sunrise dawn on the Columbia River from Astoria, Oregon.

Morning Has Broken.  Sun rising over the Grays River Divide, with the Altoona Ridge and Harrington Point to the left, and Tongue Point to the right. Buoy 39 near the ship, buoy 40 towards Tongue Point in the Columbia River. Astoria, Oregon, 2003.

Flamboyant Prelude. Up river at Dawn, seeing past Tongue Point to the Altoona Ridge and beyond in Washington. Astoria, Oregon, 2003.

Sailboat on the Columbia River, at Astoria, Oregon.

Evening Sailing. Sailboat on the Columbia River, between buoys 37 and 39, with Altoona Ridge, Harrington Point, and Grays Bay in the background. Astoria, Oregon, 2000.

Container ship on the Columbia River, from Astoria, Oregon.

Hanjin Phoenix. The Arrow is nestled against the side of the container ship Phoenix to exchange a river pilot for the journey up to Portland for the bar pilot who has brought the ship across the Columbia River bar. Astoria, Oregon, 2003.