Butterfly Photographs

Please see the page about Wings in the Light: Wild Butterflies in North America for my published work on butterflies. Since completing it, I have continued passionate pursuit of more photographs. Right now these photos are posted on www.iNaturalist.org, while I work on my next publication and presentation projects.

iNaturalist.org is a citizen-scientist site which collects observations of plants and animals from all over the world. As of this writing, over 57 million observations are posted. This is developing into a very useful data set for what occurs where and when. Your contributions to iNaturalist would be welcome addition to such knowledge. Please consider signing up and posting.

Below are samples of my iNaturalist postings, first in grid view which better shows the butterflies, secondly in list view which shows the date and county of the observation. Please have a look at my postings.  These are closely cropped, just identification, location, and time data. More expansive versions showing habitats, plant associations, and delightful design elements are available on request.

Sample of iNaturalist.org postings, "Grid" format.

Sample of iNaturalist.org postings, "Listing" format.